UNION playing cards

My favourite deck of playing cards changes from time to time. Generally it happens when I get a new set of decks, or a kickstarter pledge arrives and I remember why I pledged for it in the first place.

The UNION deck from Theory 11 though, is one that turned up before Christmas, and has become my new favourite. It truly is a beautiful deck of cards, simple in design, but with a gorgeous tuck box, and the usual air cushioned finish.

The quality starts with the tuck box itself…

The tuck has a beautiful finish, with foiling and embossing all over. I hope the pictures show quite how nice it is. Once the cards themselves come out, you can see that they have a very stylish number and pip design, along with some stylised and attractive court cards. The back, which is a flat version of the design on the reverse of the tuck box, is also classy; clear, straight lines with gold and red/brown colouring.

It really is a wonderful deck to handle – to shuffle and to spread. I can’t recommend these cards enough. If you have a weekly card game going on, there’s no better way to make it a bit classier than to get yourself a deck of UNIONs to play with.

The UNION deck is made and sold by Theory 11, here. However, as this is quite a popular deck, you can also obtain it from a number of other sources, including JP Playing Cards in the UK, right here. I’m pretty sure you will also be able to find the UNION deck on Amazon, and eBay, as always.


~ by richiebabee on January 29, 2016.

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