New Music Day

I picked up a couple of new CDs this week (says the old fart who still likes physical media). I know the kids are all buying things via download services these days, but if I like an album, I do still like to have a physical copy. This is mainly because I like to rip all of my digital music to FLAC format these days. Amazon should be dropping them through my door later today.

Two of them came out in the last week: Night Thoughts by Suede is out today, and Not To Disappear by Daughter came out last Friday. Shulamith by Polica came out a while back, but I picked it up cheap as a lead in to the new Polica album coming out soon.

And as if by magic, you can actually listen to all three via the magic of Spotify…

Polica – Shulamith

Not To Disappear – Daughter

Night Thoughts – Suede

The Daughter album is growing on me. I’ve listened to it a couple of times now (mainly in the car on my drive home, so not ideal conditions), and I had my first listen of the Suede album, which sounds pretty good (although it was also a ‘car listen’). I haven’t listened to the Polica album yet, but hoping to listen to them all properly this weekend.



~ by richiebabee on January 22, 2016.

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