Danny Dyer is a cunt.

Apparently, Professional Cockney Twat Danny Dyer inspires love in other men.

Danny Dyer: “Men Love Me”

Danny’s also big enough to admit “There are people who hate me, but they don’t have the balls to tell me.”

Danny Dyer - Professional Cockney Twat

Danny Dyer - Professional Cockney Twat

Danny, how can I put this succinctly?

You’re a talentless cockney cunt. All of your films suck balls. Monkey balls. Disease-ridden monkey balls. You have an enormous ego, with absolutely no justification for it’s existence. You’re a cunt of the highest order.

Want to make something of it, you burberry-loving wanker?


~ by richiebabee on June 11, 2009.

7 Responses to “Danny Dyer is a cunt.”

  1. Come on then if you think youre ‘ard enough. Who the fuck are you kidding you desk-driving slob

  2. I think that both of you need to get some sort of fucking lives!! to Andrew Thomas – “come on then if you think your ‘ard enough”??? You complete fucking sausage wallet!!! and as for richiebee i’d rip you in half and then fuck you in the arse!!!

    • Thank you, Mr StillBangedUp for your contribution. I have just two questions for you. Why were you running a google search for “Danny Dyer’s Balls”? Is there something you want to tell us?

  3. In addition to richiebabee, I would like to add that somebody who mentions ‘sausage wallet’, ‘…fuck you in the arse’ and has an id of stillbangedup probably deserves parole soon.

  4. suck my huge balls you fucking skint cunts

  5. Danny Dyer is a fart knocking little poofter. You want to try me on Danny? I’ll break your bloody jaw.

    Acting ard is your bread and butter you say? You aren’t ard, youre a wanker. A soft little wanker. Go back to playing a wanker in Human Traffic. It’s more believable than you “Im ard” BS.

    Soft little scrawny wanker!

  6. No worries Danny, l luv ya man!

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